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In class, Nave gives lessons useful to my life

TERRYVILLE, Connecticut, U.S.A. — You know those television shows about school where you have that one teacher who seems to affect every student around them?
On “Boy Meets World,” it was Mr. Feeny.
At Terryville High School, it’s Mr. Nave.
Almost every senior who’s taken one of his classes will tell you that they’ve learned something, or can apply his lessons to their own life in some way.
Nearly everybody can say he’s made them think about something a little deeper, or put a thought out there that they hadn’t considered before.
I’ve had Mr. Nave as a teacher for two years now. I took one of his classes last year as a junior and this year, as a senior, I’ve had two.
Sociology and psychology, the studies of human nature and mentality, are the perfect choice for Mr. Nave, a social studies teacher who also happens to be leading the fight in Connecticut to abolish the death penalty.
He’s always willing to share a story about his own life to help us better understand the things that go on in ours.
After his classes, I can honestly say I always learn something new or come out a little more open to the world around me.
Few of us have teachers that we can say have truly made a difference in our lives, and few of us can say that we have actually put what our teacher has said to good use, or full thought.
But Mr. Nave proved that even with today’s barely conscious youth there are still a few people that can catch us and open our eyes.

Tyler Wentland is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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