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India celebrates ‘Slumdog Millionaire’

BAREILLY, Uttar Pradesh, India – Celebration has filled the air last week after the news that “Slumdog Millionaire” bagged eight awards in the Oscars.
Composer A.R. Rahman once more proved himself by capturing two awards for the Best Original Song category and Best Song Score.
The movie got the Best Picture Award, Best Director Award and four others including Best Song Mixing Award.
It was a day of immense joy and pleasure for Bollywood as well as the whole of India.
The movie depicts the journey of a child from slums of Mumbai to a world of glory, from poor childhood to a rich future. The work by the central characters is worth appreciating. The movie is good in almost all aspects, and its golden chain of awards is proof of the extraordinary hard work done by the whole cast and crew.
The song “Jai Ho” leaves an image of excellent music direction which will take a long time to fade.
Even the words to the song have made their way to the audience’s heart, proving Gulzar to be a great lyricist.
There is great pleasure in watching the child artists performing so naturally that you’ll be lost in their world in no time.
Despite the sweetness, however, some of the social groups in India were unable to hamper its grand success and have questioned the film.
But “Slumdog Millionaire” is still a must watch family drama, taking you to the depths of Indian slums to the height that only a child from those slums can achieve.

Harsha Mishra is a Reporter from India for Youth Journalism International.

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