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‘Inside Out 2’ almost captured teen emotions

Inside Out 2 display at a Seoul, South Korea theater. (Josephine Yein Lee/YJI)

Seoul, SOUTH KOREA – BEEP BEEP BEEP BOOM. Riley’s puberty alert has started to ring at headquarters. A few seconds later, it explodes. As Riley has become an official teenager, several new emotions have joined Riley’s other feelings such as Anxiety, Envy, Ennui, and Embarrassment.

The poster for Inside Out 2. (Josephine Yein Lee/YJI)

Now a full-color palette, from the color red to the color pink, of Riley’s emotions can be found in Inside Out 2.

Released in Korea on June 12, Inside Out 2 sequel to the popular 2015 film Inside Out.

According to CNBC news, the original Inside Out brought in $850 million at the global box office and $90.4 million on the opening weekend.

Many people expect that Inside Out 2 will be as successful as its predecessor. The new film is already gaining popularity and many are noticing as, according to the Hollywood newsite Deadline, it earned $150 million dollars on the opening day.

Inside Out 2 is an interesting movie because it is so original and doesn’t have any similar scenes from other existing movies. It was completely riveting to see the story build up, especially how the emotions started their journey to go back to headquarters but I won’t go deeper into the storyline because I definitely don’t want to spoil it for you.

While watching it – like the emotions that are present in the movie – you can experience a variety of feelings.

There are moments where you feel like you are going to burst with laughter, scared that something bad is going to happen, genuinely curious for the next scene, some heartfelt moments, parts that everybody agrees on, and a scene where you almost cry but you don’t want to cry because it’s a children movie.  

Several scenes in the movie didn’t feel like a typical teenager, such as the scene where Riley almost touches Val’s hair. For me, the perspective of teenagers was a bit exaggerated since we don’t go up to a random stranger and want to touch their hair.

But other than that it is an exhilarating and riveting movie to watch with my friends.

Framed posters inside the theater. (Josephine Yein Lee/YJI)

I highly recommend seeing Inside Out 2 with your friends and family and would love to hear your thoughts.

Go watch the movie now! It’s out globally. 

Josephine Yein Lee is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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