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Lockdown drill is going too far

BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. — Is Bristol Eastern High School going too far in our “Lancer Lockdown” drills? Students in Columbine High, at least those who are still alive, would probably
tell us no.

Those who died in the shootings would tell us no way.  We have to do something.

But gathering everyone into a corner to make us easy targets, or better yet, having us all gather at Stafford Elementary School so some lunatic could meet us there? Suspending two boys for joking? What’s next, clear book bags?

More school activities is a good attempt for those social groups who are underrepresented. But I don’t see minorities shooting down our nation’s schools.

I think control should start from those who have the most power to control. That’s our government and our parents.

I don’t think the media and video game companies should be sued. Even those few nuts who like to copy what they see on television, the movies, the Internet, or games could be controlled.

It’s the parents and government who should teach us right from wrong, reality from fantasy.

You see, even those nuts who are influenced by their choice of entertainment simply could not have caused the damage they had if they didn’t have access to guns.

Our government and our parents should set examples for us. What are parents doing with handguns in the first place? What do they need them for?

The government is setting all the blame for this chaos in our country on the media. It’s the government who should activate stricter gun control. It is already setting an example for us — that
guns, bombs, and all destructive weapons are a part of our lives.

What is our government doing to Yugoslavia right now? Why is it that homicide is killing more teens in the United States than in any other country?

Do we have too much freedom? Should our motto be “live free and die?”

Hila Yosafi is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.