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London Gets Ready For 2012 Olympics

By Robert Guthrie
Youth Journalism International
DUMFRIES, Scotland – Olympic venues have been completed, shops opened, mascots chosen and torches designed.
Things at London 2012 are changing by the second.
Seb Coe, who is chair of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, wants to make these games “The Greatest Show on Earth.”
As no doubt you already know, the city of London is hosting the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
They will be spectacular and Coe’s committee aims to provide a lasting legacy with London 2012.
Already tickets have gone up for sale, and 20 million applications have been made. Unfortunately, only 6 million will receive tickets, so it’s a hard battle to get them.
I think London will really enjoy the experience.  Of course, it’s not only London, it’s the whole country of Britain. And the venues aren’t just on the Olympic Park, oh no, it’s a whole lot more.
Eton Dorney will be home to the rowing, and the county of Dorset will host the sailing, as one of the world’s best sailing clubs is set up there.
The whole of the United Kingdom will see the Olympics. The torch, one of the biggest symbols of the Games, is bright golden in color and has 8,000 holes to represent the 8,000 torch bearers.
The 2012 torch is in a world-first triangular shape, representing the third time that the games will be coming to London.
Young torch bearers from all over the UK will be chosen to carry that all-important Olympic Flame on that stunning torch to every nook and cranny of the nation. Everyone will see it.
Torch bearers will be aged 12 to 24. UK citizens can nominate someone who has done something fantastic by helping their home community or by looking after someone.
So, it’s not only about sports. The Olympics have to be one of the most important institutions for setting a good example.
The Olympic motto, “Citius, Altius, Fortius,” which is Greek for “Faster, Higher, Stronger,” carries so many different messages behind it.
Aim for the highest. Everyone can be part of the Olympics.
London 2012 is all about bringing people together and making everyone feel part of it all.
That’s why school programs have been set up and Olympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville are touring the UK.
Volunteering opportunities for young people will be set up this summer. The possibilities are endless.
The world will have a chance to learn more about the Olympic Games during a big weekend celebration in July.
From July 22 to 24, people can see the stadium and venues and meet the mascots.
All this is building up to “1 Year to Go” celebrations in late July, when the UK will be starting its Olympic countdown for the third time.
It will definitely be a grand day for London. It’s so special to think that the Games are coming to us for the third time, and it’s probably the only time that some people will ever see this.
So come to London and enjoy the Olympics. Come and see, well and truly “the Greatest Show on Earth.”