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Meeting the stars behind the films at Comic-Con

The author with actor Mark Ruffalo. (YJIJ photo)

Albany, Oregon, U.S.A. – I went to an amazing event recently, the Emerald City Comic-Con. 

I met the original cast of the movie Scream and the casts of the television shows “Mandalorian, and “Arrow” and movie star Mark Ruffalo. 

Scream is a cult classic trilogy of horror films, “Mandalorian” is a Lucasfilms show on Disney Plus and “Arrow” was a DC show based on comics.

The author with Neve Campbell, star of the ‘Scream’ film trilogy. (YJI photo)

I went Saturday with my mom, my dad and my nurse. It was a very long day but it was so fun. 

Ruffalo is known for playing Hulk in Marvel movies along with Spotlight, a journalism movie and more.

Many people who attend the Emerald City Comic-Con are cosplayers. You could tell that they’d worked many hours on their costumes, which were amazing. 

There’s also an Artist Alley, where artists have their work available for sale.

The event also has an ADA Service which helps disabled people get access to a lot of the show.

Organizers even arranged the meets up with celebrities in a special area that is less crowded, to reduce the risk of getting covid.

I’ve almost never met someone at a Comic-Con more compassionate than “Mandalorian” actor Katee Sackhoff. She sat on a chair next to me to be down on my level and took the time to really talk with me.

At this Comic-Con, I had the chance to attend a panel discussion by the “Arrow” cast.

There was even a quiet room that we could go into to get away from the noise or take care of my medical needs.

I even had the chance to interview Ruffalo about his role in Spotlight. He was very kind and soft-spoken.

The author with actor Katee Sackhoff making peace signs. (YJI photo)
The author at center with actors from the television show “Arrow.” (YJI photo)

My first visit to Emerald City Comic-Con was the biggest Comic-Con I’d ever been to, and one of my all-time favorite events.

We stayed almost all day on Saturday.

Emerald City Comic-Con truly is in the business of making dreams come true!

McKenzie Andersen is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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