My Brother And I Found The Cure For Cabin Fever: Go Out And Play In The Snow

A parked car is buried in snow in a driveway while more snow falls on Saturday in Manchester, Connecticut. (Sherry Sah/YJI)
MANCHESTER, Connecticut, U.S.A. – I wake up on a Saturday afternoon and the first thing I see is snow. I shake my head and think great. It has been snowing on and off since Thursday for the past three days.
In Connecticut, we get very heavy snow and when that happens, everything is ruined. Cars won’t start and the roads are frozen over with ice. This means delays. Jobs, stores, and even schools are closed.
Ever since then, I have been trapped in my home. I haven’t even looked inside my school bag to start or check my homework.
At first, I wasn’t too happy on seeing the snow because that meant I couldn’t go out and all my plans were going to be cancelled. My weekend would be all messed up due to this bipolar weather.
As I flipped through the television channels with boredom, my little brother came and sat next to me. He told me he was sick of being stuck in this tiresome house.
I looked up at him and thought, What can we do to turn this negative situation into something positive?
I remembered that my grandmother always said, “When life gives you lemons, turn them around and make sweet lemonade.”
I told my brother we should go outside and have our own fun. He gave me a look and explained to me that I was crazy because it was too cold and we were supposed to get three to six inches of snow.
I asked him, “Would you rather stay inside the whole day and do nothing or do something fun?”
We immediately grabbed our sleds and started changing into our snow gear.
As our feet landed on the cold snow, we ran down the hill and started chasing one another. We began throwing snowballs at each other and laughing with joy.
When we got tired, we dropped to the ground and made snow angels.
I closed my eyes and thought to myself, This is the life.
Even though we are stranded in the snow, I’m happy to hang out with my brother.
Sherry Sah is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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