Nigerians Losing Faith In New President

Muhammadu Buhari's official Facebook photo.
LAFIA, Nasarawa State, Nigeria – How would you react when the government in power fails to deliver on its mandate? Would you criticize the government or watch with clinical detachment as things go wrong?
It is pretty obvious that once those at the helm of affairs are incompetent, or merely mediocre, trouble sets in.
Since the current government in Nigeria – led by President Muhammadu Buhari – clinched power in what can be best described as a landslide victory, the trouble with Nigeria has continued. Insurgency, a blight on the people’s happiness, is unabated. Citizens, mostly in insurgency prone areas, hardly sleep a wink at night.
It would be recalled that during Buhari’s inaugural speech, the former military general promised to tackle insurgency head on. The promise renewed many hopes. It restored despairing souls. We all anticipated a new Nigeria, where security of lives and property would become a top priority.
The scourge of insurgency, with its incessant loss of lives and property, was the Achilles heel of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. His administration was considered incompetent in that aspect, and the only way citizens could express dissatisfaction was to cast votes for the former general in the March 28 presidential election.
Reputed to be a stickler for discipline, Buhari ruled Nigeria as a military head from 1983 to 1985. He is seen as an incorruptible leader and he rode on that reputation to amass millions of votes. His victory after three failed attempts promised a new start for Nigerians who for long have yearned for an end to growing unemployment, poverty and insecurity.
Buhari was considered fit for the job. He was seen as having the political acumen and the requisite wisdom to contain the brazen acts of terrorism perpetuated by the dreaded terrorist group Boko Haram. We trusted him so much we could dismiss pessimists without any hesitation.
But since Buhari was sworn in as president on May 29, stories continue of Boko Haram brutal attacks and the anguish that follows.
There has been, to put it mildly, no significant milestone recorded in the war against terrorism. Bombs go off and scores of people in northeastern Nigeria are killed or injured.
Our hopes of living in a secure, peaceful country have been dashed. And we find ourselves asking what viable measures should be taken to swiftly address the problem.
Though Buhari has been working around the clock to adequately contain the menace, his inability to do so betrays the people’s trust since he promised to tackle insecurity as soon as possible.
The task of leadership obviously is a daunting one. It requires unreserved commitment to duty. It is a selfless service.
Hence, our president must realize that posterity waits on him to make a difference and salvage the country from dire straits.
Gideon Arinze Chijioke is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International. Edited by YJI Correspondent Linus Okechukwu, a student
in Nsukka, Nigeria.


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