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Ant-Man: Big Film, Tiny Flaws

EDINBURGH, United Kingdom – Ever killed an insect? You might not want to kill this one. This new type of superhero comes on a completely different level to any Avenger … literally.

Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas star in Ant-Man, an epic new film showing that small creatures are mightier than you think.
Rudd’s character, Scott, is your average, lovable rogue. He seems to always find himself in trouble, until his unique skills come to the attention of former hero Dr. Hank Pym, played by Douglas.

With the help of Dr. Pym’s daughter, Hope – played by Evangeline Lilly from The Hobbit film trilogy – the three seek to stop upcoming mastermind Darren
Cross from destroying the planet with his new invention.
This new Marvel film has really set the boundary for the future of the franchise. Imaginative plot lines, along with witty humor, create a more light-hearted superhero classic which will, no doubt, be revisited in years to come.
There are some areas which the film fails in comparison to others. For example, the accompanying music isn’t as recognizable as some of the great scores from the Captain America or Thor films.
The fast-moving storyline requires full attention to keep up to date with each scene. But this does give an advantage – we miss out a lot of long pieces of dialogue that we have seen in
the Avengers many times.
Apart from this, Ant-Man really is worth the watch. It follows on very well from this year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and gives a desired, fresh new face to the Marvel Universe which I will be glad to see return to the big screens very soon. 
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