Perspective Photography

One Chilly Morning On Lake Superior

Lake Superior, beyond the icicles, in Duluth, Minn. (Allison Hall/YJI)
DULUTH, Minnesota, U.S.A. – It’s days like today I could just stay inside my house, stuck in front of my TV and dreading the coldness that waits beyond my front door.
I really thought that was how I was going to spend my day, since the temperature is 30 below zero with the wind chill, but something inside me was dragging me and begging me to go outside. So I did.
I bundled myself up in my North Face jacket and my snow pants. I put on my boots – with my Yaktrax attached for traction – and was on my way down to the beach.
The cliff to the beach is a pretty shallow drop, but the ice makes it a frightening excursion. I was thinking about turning around when my foot slipped and down I went.
If this hadn’t happened, I probably never would have seen the beautiful things I did on this chilly morning, and I never would have been able to share this beauty with you.
For everyone out in the world today where it might be a little chilly, embrace it. You will be presently surprised by the amazing sights you might find.
Sometimes when it gets a little cold, just bundle up and go for an adventure because no matter what the weather is like, the beauty of the world around you will surely brighten up your day.
Allison Hall is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.