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Photo essay: Edinburgh Festival Fringe

During the fringe, there are often street performers which can draw huge audiences. The gathered crowd is watching one of those performances. In the foreground are a mass of Fringe posters for different shows. (Beth Criado-Band / YJI)


An audience gathered for a street performer on Hunter Square. (Beth Criado-Band / YJI)


A place to stop for hot chocolate when the streets are mobbed is the corner cafe, Black Medicine. (Beth Criado-Band / YJI)


Thankfully, there was an empty table and a socket at the cafe. (Beth Criado-Band / YJI)


Even Lidl, a local supermarket, was full, with queues to the back of the shop. All this journalist wanted was a wee pastry. (Beth Criado-Band / YJI)


A street performer on Hunters Square by one of two golden postboxes in the city. (Beth Criado-Band . YJI)


Gazing away from Festival Fringe and toward Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh looks the same as it always does  – peaceful. (Beth Criado-Band / YJI)

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