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Protests In Taiwan Over School Changes

Citizens of Taiwan marched last week in protest of high school education changes. (Kelly Liu/YJI)
TAIPEI, Taiwan – Taiwanese students recently started camping outside the Ministry of Education, objecting to the new high school history course guidelines, calling them “China-centered.”

Throughout the days of protests, which began July 31, the students had three main demands: withdrawal of the new guidelines; for Wu Se-Hwa, the education minister, to step down from his position; and withdrawal of the charges against them for storming the gates of the ministry earlier in
In the face of the approaching typhoon Soudelour – which has now passed – student leaders announced August 6 that they would end the occupation of the ministry, but planned to continue the campaign in their hometowns.

Ultimately, Wu announced that schools could choose freely whether to use the old or new guidelines for the 2015 academic year. He also decided not to press charges against the students.
Kelly Liu is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

More photos from the march, all by Kelly Liu on August 2:

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