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Shivering With Cold And Excitement – And Covering The President Of The United States


Youth Journalism International reporter Sherry Sah looks back for a moment while President Barack Obama, at the lectern in the background, speaks to a crowd at Central Connecticut State University last Wednesday.


By Sherry Sah
Junior Reporter
U.S.A. – Standing and waiting in line to go and see President Barack Obama was
an amazing experience.
The cold wind swept
around my body as I shivered outside the gym at Central Connecticut State
University, where he spoke last week.
I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to see the president of the United States. As the lines grew shorter, my turn finally came.
Sherry Sah /


Billie Jefferson and Raisa Koch, both 17-year-old seniors at Conard High School in West Hartford, had the job of checking media credentials at Central Connecticut State University when President Barack Obama visited.


Youth Journalism International reporter
Sherry Sah’s credentials, from YJI, on the
left, and from the White House, on the right.


YJI reporter Sherry Sah waiting


in the cold.


My heart was beating like crazy. When I was finished getting checked by the police, I made my way into the auditorium. 
As soon as my feet
hit the gymnasium floor, the sounds of the university’s band soothed my ears.
As I made my way to
the side where members of the press were, more and more people crowded into the
After everyone took
their seats and we heard from the college president and Connecticut Gov. Dannel
Malloy, President Obama took the stand.
The crowd went crazy
chanting his name.
As soon as he
started speaking about the minimum wage, everyone listened.
It was a wonderful
experience that I will never forget.