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Sights in Old Dhaka

Surrounded by waste, a lone man casts his line to catch fish along the Buriganga riverbank. (Usraat Fahmidah/YJI)
A boy with bamboo passes by a crumbling decades-old building in Puran Dhaka, a 400-year-old city where many structures are centuries old and bear the same crumbling look due to neglect. (Usraat Fahmidah/YJI)
In Farashganj, Puran Dhaka, a man sifts through fresh produce in a bazaar. Named after the Bengali word ‘Forashi’ for French and ‘ganj’ for market-town, the name came to be in 1740 when French settlers from the French East India Company came to the city for trade business. Today, this area still thrives as a major spice trade hub, continuing its trade legacy for four centuries. (Usraat Fahmidah/YJI)

Usraat Fahmidah is a Senior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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