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Students volunteer to aid earthquake relief

Students at Çevre College in Istanbul pack up supplies to send to earthquake victims. (Lina Köksal /YJI)

ISTANBUL – My high school, Çevre College, has been trying to help the survivors of the earthquake by sending them some necessities they need like winter clothes, pads, water and boots.

On Tuesday, volunteers like me brought the necessities to school and put them in boxes.

Volunteers pack boxes. (Lina Köksal/YJI)

Tomorrow the volunteers will go back to the school to categorize and carry the boxes so we can ship them to the places in need.

Every place is trying to do whatever they can to help, from the smallest to largest items.

After leaving school today, I went out on a walk with my friend to clear our heads. We saw people trying to help everywhere, from the malls to even apartment buildings.

By the end of the first day, there were many boxes ready to send. (Lina Köksal/YJI)

It is very beautiful to see everyone coming together for a cause even though it is one of the saddest causes.

I am proud to say that the people at my school are doing everything they can to make it easier for the survivors.

Naz Mergen is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International. She wrote this reporter’s notebook.

Lina Köksal is a Correspondent with Youth Journalism International. She took the photographs.

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