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Support our troops

BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. — I’ve seen tons of rallies and protests on television recently. During some, people yell anti-war slogans while others have people waving signs that support the war.

But no matter what your perspective on the war in Iraq , anyone who has a heart should have enough compassion to support the men and women who are serving abroad.

Go ahead and say the war is all about oil, continue to bash President Bush and his administration, because you have the right to do so.

Our freedoms of speech, petition, assembly, and press are on your side. Our American troops and allies fighting the war in Iraq are there to make sure you are able to maintain those rights.

Their mission isn’t to kill innocent people, destroy homes, or conquer a country. Their main objective is to fight off threats to America and its citizens because if they don’t then we might lose our right to express our opinions, and perhaps more.

These are hard times.

Our armed forces are all-volunteer. The draft is long gone. Normal men and women have decided that they want put their lives on the line for their country.

Every day of the war these soldiers are out there risking their lives against the enemy.

All American citizens are in debt to our troops.

Personally, I oppose war because I don’t like to see people killed in battle. I squirm at the sight of bloodshed and I cry about death.

But my opposition to the war doesn’t interfere with my support for our armed forces.

Though they hold guns and have weapons capable of taking lives, I know that our enemies — and all who may dislike American ways — also hold weapons and are willing to kill.

I can see that there is rarely any clear-cut good or bad in war. It’s all in the eyes of
the beholder.

Iraqis may look upon Americans as imperialist bullies, but we see their government as a global threat.

Some Middle Eastern people danced with joy at the fall of the Twin Towers , but in America we cried and wiped our tears thinking about all the deaths.

Overall, I see no right or wrong, only people on both sides fighting for what they believe.

Almost no one wants war.

War is violent and brings along death and suffering. Everyone knows that.

It’s plain and simple: there aren’t any sane people who enjoy what war does.

But war is how America became what it is today: an independent and strong nation. It’s also how a good number of other nations came to exist.

In any case, whether you hate the war or like it, support those who are fighting it for us.

Our troops need our backing.

They are there not for themselves, they are there for you, for me and for us.

I just hope the war ends as soon as possible.

So many lives have already been taken on both sides that I don’t want any more people to suffer or die.

I wish the best for all of our men and women in uniform and for those who have loved ones serving in the current war. They deserve our respect.

Joe Keo is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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