Christmas Holidays

Tanzania Gets Ready For Christmas

The outside of the Kanisa La Kiinjili Kilutheri Tanzania Lutheran church in Mbeya, Tanzania. (Abdulaziz Momba/YJI)

KIWIRA, Mbeya, Tanzania – Soon Christians around the world will celebrate Christmas Day.
Christians are taught that Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day, December 25. 

Another view of the exterior of the Kanisa La Kiinjili Kilutheri Tanzania Lutheran church in Mbeya. (Abdulaziz Momba/YJI)

In Tanzania, people are preparing for the holiday. Most people seem to be buying clothes, shoes, Christmas trees, drinks and food.

For Christmas, people like to eat rice and boiled or roasted chicken or beef, bananas and soft drinks like Coca Cola and Pepsi.

Normally, people spend a lot of money from their salaries to make sure that the preparations go well.

But the rise in the price of goods and services can cause a problem. There might be an increase of about 3 percent more than at other times of the year because every businessman wants to make as much profit as possible at Christmas.
Every year, because of an increase in crime at Christmas, the Tanzanian government makes sure that peace and security are maintained around the country.
Abdulaziz Momba is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

An altar inside the church, decorated for Christmas. (Abdulaziz Momba/YJI)

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