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Teacher uses humor to bring fun to class

In most high school classes, teachers just ramble on and hand out assignments.

One exception is Carl Stolle’s Earth Science class at Bristol Central High School.

I took that course my freshman year.

It wasn’t a boring class, because he made it fun.

Stolle told us stories about things that happened to him in the past, and joked around while he was teaching us.

When we were testing the hardness of rocks, he described what materials we had to use to do the experiment. Two things we needed were a piece of porcelain and a piece of glass.

He picked up one of them and said, “Don’t drop this, because this might happen.”

Then he threw it down on the floor and it shattered into pieces.

After that, he tossed the other one.

Everyone laughed — and he got his point across.

Sometimes he’d fool around with the kids, making fun of them and stuff.

Stolle always poked fun at this one student who played football but never got in the game. He called him a bench rider and told him he was “riding the pine.”

Mike Kelley is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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