Thanks For Groupon Support

We’re grateful to friends and supporters who helped make our Groupon fundraiser last week a success.

The New York City area Groupon challenge required that at least 60 people give at least 10 apiece to help Youth Journalism International, a charity drive promoted by Groupon’s wonderful G Team initiative that uses the company’s clout to bring worthy nonprofits to the public’s attention.
We had 74 donors in the end, half of them from Bristol and West Hartford in Connecticut, two cities where YJI has deep roots. We know how much we owe each community.
We also know that our alumni and friends elsewhere chipped in to make sure the Big Apple wouldn’t let us down. Thank you to all.
Unfortunately, we don’t get a breakdown of who gave, but we obviously know many of the donors.
We feel lucky to have so many generous people on our side, including Groupon itself.