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To Queenslanders, From Malaysia

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YJI student reporter Evangeline Han of Melaka, Malaysia, was moved to write this open letter to the people of Queensland

Dear Queenslanders,

I finally realized the magnitude of the flood and its devastating effects when I read that Brisbane now looks “like a war zone.”

I cannot, in any way, imagine how it would be like living there at such a time.

Though my house has never been flood-affected, I have watched my parents help clean up a flood-affected house some four years ago. To this day, I can still remember how the house looked.

I read the stories of how the flood victims died, but intermingling with the horror was also bravery and heroism.

For example, the story of 13-year old Jordan Rice who gave up his life for his younger brother. How many teenagers would choose to give up their lives for a younger sibling whom they probably detest very much? This story caught me by surprise.

So, let this story and many others inspire you. As you rebuild Queensland, think of those who chose to gave up being rescued first so that their loved ones could be saved before them. I think it’s worth building up Queensland for people like them.

Best wishes,
Evangeline Han

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