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Truly a pop quiz

Bristol, Connecticut, UNITED STATES — You come to expect certain things when playing trivia games. Math and science questions are common, and usually some sort of board is used.

Whad’Ya Know?, based on Michael Feldman’s public radio quiz show by the same name, has a habit of breaking all these stereotypes.

The concept of the game is simple enough. One player asks a question, the others guess. If they’re correct, they’re assigned a point. The player who asks the questions alternates with each round.

Here’s where the game gets interesting.

Instead of the average Who-won-the-Noble-Prize-in-1932-esque questions, you get questions like: The human body is mostly made of …? A. White meat  B. Dark meat

Turns out we’re all dark on the inside. Like I said, not your average trivia questions.

And oh yes, one cannot forget the bobblehead. Whad’Ya Know? comes with a small bobblehead of Feldman, the game’s creator. You have to give the gamemakers props for coming up with that idea.

Whad’Ya Know? is for four to 10 players and for ages 12 to adult. If you want a fun and easy-to-learn party game, look no further.

Zach Brokenrope is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.