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TV Provides True Competition for the Olympics

New York City, U.S.A. – There is only one reason why I did not see any footage of the Olympics this year. Every time the Games were on, something that I considered better was on TV, too.

So during my monotonous marathons of Family Guy, RENO 911! and Talladega Nights, athletes from all over the world gathered in Beijing to give their best shot at attaining the gold.

After being slightly regretful that I missed a history-breaking world event in favor of re-runs and DVDs, I looked up some Olympic facts and realized that one day, Michael Phelps could rule the world.
It’s rumored that he was on the cover of a Frosted Flakes box instead of the classics for athletes, Wheaties, because Wheaties could not come up with enough money.

Michael Phelps will be getting mega millions in endorsement deals by the end of 2008. He has everything it takes to rule the world – money, fame and the most physical endurance of any athlete in the world.
It’s almost as if people were more concerned with his breaststroke rather than presidential candidates John McCain or Barack Obama.

With that said, McCain should stop focusing on Obama’s far-fetched goals and Obama should stop focusing on how similar to George W. Bush McCain is.

If you ask me, they should grab their water wingies, because if it’s the people’s attention they’re looking for, Michael Phelps is the true competitor.

Jenieze Shields is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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