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Vita’s: a meal in an Italian kitchen

BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. — If you like good food, then Vita’s is the place to go!
Even if you aren’t Italian, you can still enjoy the grand food and the personable workers at Vita’s in Bristol.
Walking into Vita’s is like stepping into an Italian family’s kitchen.
They’ll make you just about anything you want – and both quality and quantity is the name of the game at Vita’s.
“Vita’s is the best combination of convenience and affordability,” said Bryant Wong, 15, who attends Bristol Eastern High School.
Vita’s serves so much food, that you wonder how it could make a profit with such great prices. It also gets orders done quickly so nobody’s waiting around for a meal.
The meals are definitely gustoso, or tasy, and no wonder.
“All our meals are made here, not like McDonalds. More like Mama used to make,” said Alexis Matukaitis, a Vita’s employee.
Not only does Vita’s have great food, but it’s also a great community hangout.
The Farmington Avenue restaurant is decorated nicely, with an Italian theme, of course.
The menu is painted on the wall (done by Sarah Ives) and features pictures of some of the dishes.
Overall, the atmosphere is very comfortable.
“Customers and friendly service is part of what makes Vita’s so good,” said Kelly Young, who also works at Vitas.
She said that sandwiches are among the more popular foods ordered at Vita’s.
Vitas has a broad menu, which should make it easy for most everyone to find something to eat. Go with many friends and everybody can get something they like.
Whether you want to sit at the counter, a table or in a comfortable booth, Vita’s is about variety and finding something right for you.
One thing’s for sure: Vita’s is buono!

Kate Haire is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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