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Wading In Floodwaters In Tindivanam, India


Sasi Rekha Mohan  / youthjournalism.org
Mohan Narayanasamy, who lives in the neighborhood, is a man who has been helping others get out of their homes using ropes.


By Sasi Rekha Mohan
Junior Reporter
TINDIVANAM, Tamil Nadu, India – In the Tindivanam Villupuram district  of Tamil Nadu state, heavy rains led to severe flooding.
Many people died throughout
Tamil Nadu state because of the flooding, which is also a major problem in Chennai, a city to the north.
The floods mostly impacted the Chennai,
Kanchipuram, Thiruvallur, Villupuram and Cuddlore areas.


The photos, taken Wednesday in
the Tindivanam area during the flood, show a neighborhood under several feet of
Sasi Rekha Mohan / youthjournalism.org

The people in the neighborhood hope that the water does not get any higher or it will destroy everything.

Sasi Rekha Mohan / youthjournalism.org

Kirishna Murthy holds his child Rishitha in front of their home, which is the highest house on the street. No floods have affected this home since 1985, but this time, the water even came into this house.


Sasi Rekha Mohan / youthjournalism.org

People pick their way through the flooded streets of Tindivanam.

Sasi Rekha Mohan / youthjournalism.org

From an upper floor window, a view of a neighborhood in Tindivanam.

Sasi Rekha Mohan / youthjournalism.org
Neighbors on a flooded street in Tindivanam.

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