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Who Is Bane? Why Does He Hate Batman?

WEST HARTFORD, Connecticut, U.S.A. – Many viewers of the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises will find themselves mystified by the central villain, Bane.
Bane is a criminal mastermind who grew up in jail and bargained for his release by volunteering for an experimental steroid. He gets superhuman strength by taking that steroid, called Venom.
The steroid had killed all the other test subjects, but for some reason it didn’t kill Bane.
Bane made his mark with his appearance in the Batman comic Knightfall, where he came to Gotham City with the intention of taking it over by beating Batman.
First Bane blows up part of the Arkham Asylum, where Batman’s famous opponents such as the Joker, Riddler and Scarecrow are held.
By doing this, Bane forces the Bat-family to work overtime in an attempt to recapture all these villains.
Bane studies Batman during this time and manages to deduce Batman’s secret identity as Bruce Wayne. He confronts the overworked Batman at Wayne Manor and breaks his back.
Incapacitated, Batman appoints Jean Paul Valley, the hero Azrael, to assume the role of Batman and work with Robin Tim Drake to defend Gotham while he is healing.
Azrael, using his powers, redesigns the bat-suit to be even more dangerous. Azrael then defeats Bane using the modified suit.
Bane is not a very prominent villain in the Batman universe, where he is known for being the only bad guy to defeat Batman and one of just two to discover his identity and enter the bat-cave.
Though these are notable achievements, Bane is in only a few Batman comics (he returns to Gotham during No Man’s Land but doesn’t stay for long).
Bane, though, is a tough opponent for Batman because he is both smart and cunning like the Joker and the Penguin and strong like Clayface and Solomon Grundy.
In The Dark Knight Rises, which opens tonight, Bane will probably end up killing Batman, though the film might instead do something lame like having Bane break Batman’s back and then have Batman overcome the obvious obstacle and defeat him despite all the difficulties.
Mary Majerus-Collins is a Senior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.


  • I just seen the movie and it was the best movie Iv ever seen so far. what made the movie great was that I didn't know who the bad guy was so yea it was very interesting I recommend this movie to anyone going to see it again in imax first time!!!