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‘Young and Modern’ an insult to teen girls

In reading through a recent issue of Young and Modern (a typical teenage magazine more commonly known as YM) I found myself wondering how it
ever got to be more than a far-fetched idea in an editor’s mind.

The magazine depicts the teenage girl as a boy-crazed, fashion-obsessed sex object, which is far from the truth in most cases.

Shallow images greet you before you even open the magazine. Every cover shows an attractive guy or girl in the most fashionable outfits and the latest hairstyles.

Along with this comes mind-diminishing article titles such as “Never
get dumped again,” “Get the hair guys worship,” “Zero zit guide,” and “The best jeans for your butt!””

This infers that all girls care about is their physical appearance and the opposite sex.

There is no mention of anything which reflects the intellectual side of the person, which should be her most valued and important side.

This magazine may lead a self-conscious or unsure teenager to believe that her body and her social life are the most important aspect of her teen years.

The pages between the glossy cover are no better.

In the table of contents are groups of articles organized under titles, including advice, guys, fashion, beauty stars, etc.

Not one group ­ or even one article ­ is directed towards a young woman’s mind. The only time school is mentioned is in fall issues where models show off the new, back-to-school fashions.

After reading the entire magazine, I began to wonder why people would buy it. I came to only one conclusion: teenage girls buy this magazine
for entertainment only and give no second thoughts to the actual content.

I can only hope that no one has only the values expressed within the magazine.

If you’re looking for some leisure reading with lots of pictures and advertisements, then YM is the magazine for you. If you’re looking
for quality reading, don’t even bother to pick it up.

Shaina Zura is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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