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A mighty tribute to Daniel Pearl

BAREILLY, Uttar Pradesh, India – If you are looking forward for a heart-throbbing, eye-opening movie, then watching A Mighty Heart, starring Angelina Jolie, is a great choice.
The film, based on a book by Marianne Pearl, showcases the real, tragic kidnapping and murder of her husband, journalist Daniel Pearl, in February 2002. While working in Pakistan, Daniel Pearl, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, was kidnapped and killed by terrorists.
Nothing much can be written about the story of the movie as it is non-fiction but the direction, screenplay, cinematography and the acting has certainly made the movie a must-watch.
Jolie suits her role of Marianne Pearl. After watching the movie, you’ll experience a feeling of grief, sadness as well as respect for the journalist who laid down his life to bring the truth to the world, for his wife who bravely accepted this reality and continued working as a journalist herself, as well as for all those who are continuously suffering but still fighting the devil of terrorism.
The movie is certainly a tribute to the Pearl family and good stuff to be watched.

Harsha Mishra is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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