A new laptop for Sammy

In all my years as a journalist, I’ve never seen readers rally to do something nice for a writer before. But now I have.
When we put out a call for readers to help Katrina evacuee Samantha Perez replace an aging laptop that was threatening to make it almost impossible for her to keep writing, the response was amazing. Dozens of people contributed and within a week or so we had the money to buy a very nice Dell laptop with a great warranty for our hurricane journalist.
It should be in her hands this week.
We’re only a little envious here at Tattoo Central that we’re making do with less!
I have to say, though, that I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen as people reach out to help Sammy. It’s the way the world should work, but so often doesn’t.

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  • You got Sammy a Dell?!! Do you people just enjoy being cruel or something? I mean, a Gateway, or a Thinkpad, anything like that would be fine…but a Dell?! You might want to start collecting money now for when that piece of crap breaks down in another month.

  • It’s one of the top-rated laptops. And it’s covered by a four year warranty and service deal, which is part of its attraction.

    But we are not going to get into a debate about computer brands because that is not our specialty.

  • Dell consistently gets top-rankings from both users and trade mags. I have one myself and have had not a hint of trouble out of it that hasn’t been user-instigated. And in those instances I’ve found the support staff tremendously helpful.

    My girlfriend’s father, who makes a very good living doing tech for a Fortune 500 company, had three words for me when he heard I was in the market for a laptop:

    “Get a Dell.”

    I’m really glad you guys did this for her and it really is heartening.