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American Teen With Syrian Roots Asks For U.S. Intervention To Help Syrian People

By Razan Kaisar
Junior Reporter
MILFORD, Connecticut, U.S.A. – I’m a 16-year-old American girl,
born in Connecticut of Syrian decent. I want to see my country, the United
States, intervene in Syria to help the people there.
I am aware of the consequences America may receive if we go
into Syria.

It is difficult to always have other countries wanting America
to help them out with their problems. But Syria is in need.

For almost three years, since the Syrian government began killing
peaceful protesters, Syria has been through so much.
Estimates put the number of dead at more than 100,000, and
many of them were children. Many people have fled the country and are living as
Razan Kaisar
What’s even worse is that the government recently used
chemical gas against its citizens, killing more than 1,400 people, 
including hundreds of children, according to
American officials.
It’s heartbreaking to see all this, and yet no one has done a
thing. Not even the Middle Eastern countries have helped.
President Barack Obama said if Syrian President Bashar
al-Assad used chemical weapons, this would be considered a “red line.”
I believe we should step up and do what needs to be done.
I’m aware that lots of people strongly disagree, and why.
I understand we can be putting our own country at risk. At Congressman
John Larson’s public forum on the issue at West Hartford Town Hall Monday, I
heard some people say that if we go into Syria, it might end up the same way as
Iraq and Libya
Others said that more violence will just create more
A few said we should help Syria, and act now.

We don’t know what the outcome will be unless we try. How
happy would the Syrians be if we at least tried to help? It will bring smiles to
their faces, and we Americans would be proud to have done something to help

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