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Americans root for the home team, a little

TUCSON, Arizona, USA – In the United States, patriotism is a huge ideal that is very important to everyone – until the World Cup comes along.
Although most Americans want their country’s team to win, many doubt it will happen. So they cheer for many different countries and often expect their favorite teams to perform better than the U.S. squad.
“I want the cup to stay in America, but the team that’s going to win is Spain,” said Sergio Silvain, a local soccer coach.
Cristina Montano, 19, said she is hoping for the U.S. to win, but anticipates that “Brazil will win.” If it doesn’t work out that way, she said, she predicts Spain will emerge on top.
Jadyn Breeland, 15, said he wants the U.S. to win the tournament, “but they won’t.”
Breeland guessed that Italy would win, but others listening to him disagreed with him completely.
Another local soccer fan, Antony Pearson, 18, said he wants England to win and predicts that it will, too.
Pearson was the only person interviewed who believed the team he wants to win would ultimately succeed.
“I’m going out on a limb and saying USA will make it to the semis,” said Wesley Crane, another local soccer player. But even that may be wishful thinking, he admitted.
So while most have pride in their home country’s team, their predictions for the World Cup are on different wavelengths.
In a month, when the games in South Africa draw to a close, we’ll see who is actually correct.

Mariah Pulver is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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