Another new Tattoo page? How is that possible?

We can’t explain, really, but there it is: Volume 12, No. 13, continuing our breakneck pace this year.
The latest issue featured a Q&A session with writer Marty Beckerman, a review of a Beckerman book (which got a thumbs-down), a news story about Stefan Koski’s volume on high school life, an excerpt from the Koski book and a piece on who, if anyone, can be truly called the voice of Generation Y.
There’s also another terrific little cartoon by Justin Skaradosky.
So there you go, one more wonderful issue of the world’s best teen journalism.
One more little thing: If you haven’t already read them, go now and read Samantha Perez’s amazing “Hurricane Journal” and disaster stories by Oscar Ramirez in storm-ravaged El Salvador and Edrees Kakar in earthquake-socked Pakistan. We’re everywhere, it seems … and growing.
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