Fix Holidays New Year's Photo Essay

Aussies Party With Mates To Ring in 2011

By Nancy Hsu
Junior Reporter
Youth Journalism International
Photos by Rebecca Lay

BRISBANE, Australia – Australia has many ways to celebrate the coming of a new year. With that, each Australian has their own unique way of celebrating. Here are mine:
1.       Sleep in. Oh yeah.
2.       Late lunch with some mates. We decided to try this new Japanese restaurant that opened up close to where we all live. We also decided to never go there again. (We liked their paper bibs, though).

Nancy Hsu, left, with Ian Defiesta, flaunting their paper bibs


Harold Orlando Lopez

3.       New Year’s Eve church service! Celebrating the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

Tiffany Wong, Rachel Wang, Samantha Chai

4.       New Year’s Eve house party. Junk food + Limitless amounts of games + Great friends + Hours ‘til the New Year = Best of times.


Lisa Toh brings nachos, a party favorite


Nancy Hsu and Chris Bee, who never ceases to remind her how notoriously bad she is at Jenga


Natasha Rozells and Nancy Hsu, who just lost, as expected, at Jenga.