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Ballooning Barry bombs

West Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A. — With the All-Star Game behind him and heading into the second half of the season, the most talked about player in baseball is Alex Rodriguez. No? Prince Fielder? No? Barry Bonds? Yes! I hit the steroid needle on the head!

Halfway through the season Bonds has 47 runs scored, 61 hits, 42 runs batted in, five stolen bases, 94 walks, 38 strikeouts and is hitting .279. But the only statistic anyone cares about is his 751 career home runs, 17 of which have come this season.

Bonds is 4 home runs away from tying Hank Aaron’s career home run record. Taking place in 1974 and breaking a famous and beloved white man’s record, Aaron faced more than his share of racism, including death threats.

Bonds claims the reason people do not want him to break the slugging record is racism, which is ridiculous because Aaron is African- American and so is Bonds.

A more accurate reason is that Bonds blew up like a beach ball in 1993 and his stats ballooned with him.

During his years with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Bonds averaged 25.14 home runs per season. With the San Francisco Giants, Bonds has averaged 39.85 home runs per season – and that includes a five home run season in 2005.

However, the main reason I do not want Bonds to break the record is not that he is a cheater, but a liar. When accused of taking steroids, Bonds said that a trainer must have rubbed steroid cream into his skin without him knowing what it was.

Since when does a major league baseball player not know what is being rubbed into him?

After playing in the All-Star Game in San Francisco, which has the only fans who appreciate him, Bonds has gone 0 for 12 at the plate, stranding 16 runners on base. He’s done so poorly that his manager benched him today against the Chicago Cubs – and that’s saying something when you play for the terrible Giants.

Bonds is deflating quickly, but with only five home runs to go, will this cheater miss the hallowed baseball home run record?

Kiernan Majerus-Collins is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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