Insider's Guide to High School

Be Open To New Friends, But Stay Focused On Your Studies In High School

David Joseph Kapito/YJI
LAHORE, Pakistan – There are always fears in the minds of freshmen. They worry that they won’t fit in and they won’t make friends. They worry that people they meet will be different.
Believe me, these fears don’t matter once you have started going to high school.
Every step in life teaches you a lot of things and high school does the same.
Those years you spend in high school may be your best. At first, it will be difficult because everyone will be a stranger. After a few days, though, you will start to know each other and that is the point when you begin to make friends.
But if you remain reserved, then it will be difficult to make friends. So be frank. Talk to everyone.
Take part in every competition. Join different clubs. Competitions and games generate self-confidence.
The most important thing, however, is your studies. Never make them as your second priority.
Never forget that ‘the first impression is the last.’
You cannot achieve anything without hard work, so never give up until your last breath. Best of luck!
Amber Shakil is a Junior Reporter from Pakistan for Youth Journalism International. David Joseph Kapito, who drew the cartoon, is a Junior Reporter from Malawi for Youth Journalism International.
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