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Beautiful, ancient Athens

Some of Athens' ancient ruins. (Asia Koter/YJI)

ATHENS – As part of my geography studies, I took part in a field trip to Athens, Greece, before the pandemic halted travel.

Organized by the geography department at the University of Edinburgh, the trip in late 2019 was a compulsory part of my degree.

How happy I am that I got to go!

A carpet store in central Athens, Greece, pre-pandemic. (Joanna Koter/YJI)

We stayed in Athens for seven beautiful, sunny days, and explored the city in our leisure time and during scheduled teaching activities.

We took guided tours led by locals and our lecturers. 

The themes we explored during the trip included gentrification, the impact of the 2009 economic crisis on the city, the refugee crisis and the role of graffiti in the urban fabric.

Graffiti is scattered all around Athens. It is just as interesting as visiting the ancient Greek monuments that were on my to-see list – in part because they’re listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and in part because I study architectural history.

And I got to explore the city all the while enjoying the fabulous Greek iced coffee.

As a visitor walks around Athens, the graffitied buildings look intriguing next to the ancient Greek temple ruins. (Joanner Koter/YJI)
Old heads in the Stoa of Attalos, near the ancient Agora of Athens. (Joanna Koter/YJI)
The Temple of Hephaestus, near the ancient Agora is seen in the distant background. Some of the hills surrounding Athens are also in the background. This part of ancient Athens is rich in vegetation cover. (Joanna Koter/YJI)
Against the Erechtheion, on the Acropolis. (Joanna Koter/YJI)

Joanna Koter is a Correspondent with Youth Journalism International.

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