Best Way To Feel Good? Do Good

Couples at a recent charity wedding for orphans in Alexandria, Egypt. (Dina El Halawayny/YJI)

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt – You know those days when you wake up feeling like crap? When you’d rather stay at home and do nothing?
I woke up one day not long ago, not feeling that great and I thought about missing the charity event I was invited to attend.
It was a group wedding for five couples, all orphans who couldn’t afford to get married.
Rotaract Ramleh Heights, a Rotary-sponsored service club for young adults, organized the wedding along with other charity events.

A newly married couple share a slow dance. (Dina El Halawany/YJI)

At first I thought it wouldn’t be any good, but then I changed my mind and decided to go.

After I got there, I was still standing outside the hall when one of the brides’ cousins arrived. She kept wandering around, astonished by how wonderful the place was. Then she started to cry because she couldn’t believe that her cousin was finally getting married, and not just at any place, but at the Hilton Hotel, one of Alexandria’s best wedding halls.
I was honestly so touched that I couldn’t help but smile every time I looked at their relatives waiting impatiently to see the brides and grooms climb down those stairs wearing the best tuxedos and dresses.
It took a while because there were people still checking the sound system and the lights to make sure everything was ready before the wedding started.
Then it was finally the moment everyone had been waiting for, and all the relatives and the event organizers gathered near the stairs.
Music started playing and the people clapped as the couples slowly climbed down the stairs. It was a spellbinding moment and the smiles on their faces proved that every effort made was totally worth it.

I can honestly say that this moment was enough to make my day much brighter.

I just felt so happy and excited for them. We danced and laughed all night – everything was simply perfect. I was really enjoying myself so much that I wished that it would last longer than it did.

Men take part in a group dance at the wedding. (Dina El Halawany/YJI)

That day I went back home after learning a very important lesson.
I learned that being the reason behind someone’s happiness can bring you more joy than you can ever imagine. It can even totally reverse your mood.
All those people who put so much effort into organizing this wedding deserve to be awarded, but they were not waiting for any prizes, because they already had one in seeing happiness all over the orphans’ faces.
After all, that’s what they worked so hard for and I was so glad I attended. It felt like I was a part of something really special.
In life, some people struggle to find happiness, but happiness won’t always come knock on your door. Instead, you need to go out there and always find a reason to smile.
If your life lacks joy, you’ll find plenty in helping less fortunate people.
Dina El Halawany is a Reporter in Egypt for Youth Journalism International.

Organizers of the charity wedding for orphans included members of the Rotaract Ramleh Heights and friends. (Photo provided)

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