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Bringing Back British Pride

Official photo of the British monarchy

Catherine Middleton marries Prince William at Westminster Abbey

By Myah Guild
Junior Reporter
Youth Journalism International
DUNSTABLE, Bedfordshire, England – Watching the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton reignited a sense of British spirit today.
Seeing the crowds of people turning out to cheer on our future king and queen resurrected the patriotism and joy that this country has lacked for so long.
Before today, there had been mixed feelings directed towards the royal wedding. Some felt it was a burden financially for the country. Others felt that the monarchy had simply run its course.
Now, however, everyone seems to have come to consensus that this new couple represents a bright future for Britain.
The effortlessly stunning Kate Middleton wowed the crowds with her elegant dress and the calm demeanour of our future King impressed many. Also, the relaxed approach of the royals towards the event renewed confidence in the family.
The venue, music and the crowds added to the jubilant atmosphere. The roar of the congregation outside Westminster Abbey could be heard, with the congregation inside the abbey being shown and commented upon by the television broadcasters.
There was one face however, who will be forever absent and sadly so – that of the mother of the groom – Princess Diana.
Despite this noticeable absence, it seems the whole country is in agreement that, had the original People’s Princess been here on this special day, she would have been beaming with pride at the sight before her.
This feeling of pride swept through the country today and has given us confidence that our new princess – Kate Middleton – will do us, and her late mother-in-law, very proud.
Today, regardless of your views of the royal family, a familiar phrase returned.
It’s a phrase that hasn’t been used for a considerable amount of time, but that will ring true for many across Great Britain: ‘proud to be British.’
It feels wonderful to have pride in your country, pride in your people and pride and hope for the future, once again. Long may it continue.