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Swooning Over Justin Bieber

Nancy Hsu at the concert
Lauranne Tham/
By Nancy Hsu

BRISBANE, Australia — On the train to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, it dawned on me: “Oh my gosh. I’m going to see Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber and I will be in the same vicinity. Oh wow.”
Five days before his Brisbane concert, when the tickets were being promoted, my friends unsubtly told me not to buy a ticket because they’d “noticed the concert was close to your birthday.”
It was the best birthday present.
Walking into the arena for the show was surreal. I felt like I was on a first date, nervous and giddy all at once. Flo Rida’s song “Club Can’t Handle Me” was playing over the speaker system as teenage girls, mothers of young girls and awkward looking fathers walked through the entrance gates as security checked bags and confiscated many posters and bottles.
Up the seemingly endless flights of stairs and inside the building, merchandise booths were swamped with crowds of eager girls purchasing Bieber glow sticks, posters and other items deemed to be keepsakes and memorabilia of the enchanting night.
At that point my friend had turned to me and asked if I was planning to get anything.
I answered with a sulk, “I’d love to, but I’m a poor belieber.”
But I did end up buying myself a glow stick – which came in handy throughout the concert as I waved it around with pride while singing along to every song.
Finding our seats, my friend and I slowly took in the size of the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. It was enormous.
And by that time, just about every concertgoer had found a seat. Excited chatter spread like wildfire.
As the lights dimmed, the arena at once filled with unbelievable amounts of high pitched screaming. It literally made me jump from fright. I had not expected piercing screams to that intensity.
But soon after the first few rounds of screaming, I numbed to it and no longer jumped at the vast amounts of shrieking. In fact, I joined in.
I’d just about lost my voice by the end of the night.
Justin’s official deejay came out to hype the audience and introduce the opening act.
The audience seemed to enjoy its music but from the intensity of the screaming after each song it performed, it seemed like they were eager to have the two girls finish up and have Justin out on stage already.
When Justin finally did make an entrance, it was a good one.
His deejay spurred on the crowd as the large screen above displayed a countdown until the moment when Justin would come out. The audience cried out in unison as the countdown hit 10 seconds.
In smoke, a white get up and sunnies, Justin stood center stage, smiled and won over the hearts of every girl in the place.
Then he launched into “Love Me” and had everyone passionately singing and dancing along with him.
“How you doing Brisbane?” Justin screamed, to which the crowd yelled back with enthusiasm.
Every other song he performed showed off every aspect of his talent – his singing, dancing, guitar-playing, drumming and his skill on the piano.
With each song, he excited the audience. He serenaded the audience and captivated and captured the hearts of every already swooning girl.
When he sang “One Less Lonely Girl,” the song which began his life as an artist, he teased the audience by asking, “Where are all the single ladies?”
When they cheered, Justin cheekily continued, “Good,’cause tonight I’m looking for One. Less. Lonely. Girl!”
The crowd went berserk.
A girl was chosen by his team and in the midst of his song she was brought out on stage where she was given a seat and room for Justin Bieber to serenade her with flowers and caresses throughout the tune.
Every girl screamed with joy, but at the same time wishing they were that girl.
Being his cheeky, lovable self, Justin ended the show with a simple “thank you and goodnight. Love, Justin” message on the projected screens and walked off stage without performing his defining song, “Baby.”
The crowd chanted “Justin! Justin! Justin!”
Then a question appeared on the screen: “Do you want more?”
The crowd screamed.
The crowd screamed.
As the font grew large, the crowd screamed.
“Then make some noise!”
The crowd screamed.
The crowd screamed.
In even large font: “Louder!”
The crowd screamed.
In a giant font: “Louder!”
The crowd screamed lustily.
Justin then made his return on stage to perform his last song.
During the show, I laughed and I swooned. I felt inspired. It was an enchanting night and an unforgettable experience.
Walking from the concert toward the train station, I thought, “Wow. I just saw and experienced Justin Bieber.”