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‘Captain America: Civil War’ is Marvel’s best

EDINBURGH, United Kingdom – Honestly? I did not think that Captain America: Winter Soldier could be topped. I was wrong. Civil War just did it.
It’s an epic story told in an unthinkable way. This film, by directors Anthony and Joe Russo, beats all other Marvel films I have seen to date.

Captain Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is faced with the biggest decision of his life: Stick with his childhood friend or fight against his new friends. This awesome film delves into the true friendship Captain America and the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) truly have for each other. The fight scenes with the whole cast made for an ultimate showdown, perfectly choreographed by the Russo brothers.
The audience gets to see the determination from each team to smash each other to pieces, which made for a weird moment. Whether you chose a side to be on, you found yourself jumping between the two sides because of the previous Marvel film where they all worked together. If you were a little disappointed with another certain showdown film between two superheroes from the rival DC comics, don’t worry because your money is definitely worth it here.

I must say, the character of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) had a bit of a rough time during this film. I was surprised to see that after Tony Stark’s ego was boosted to the maximum after last year’s Age of Ultron. For once, it was nice to see true friendship win over the sheer stubbornness of the man in the red suit.

New characters include a sleek Black Panther played by the wonderful Chandwick Boseman. This new superhero provided a tough challenge to even the more experienced superheroes when he decided to fight for Team Iron Man. Not only does he put up a good fight, but he has also put forward a brilliant case to watch his own film coming out in a few years.
Although not a new character in the Marvel Universe, an appearance by Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) made a good impression. He provided some classic humour and also some improved skills from when we last saw him. He’s a great addition to Team Cap.
The revitalized Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is both hyper and a disappointment. He played no real part in the storyline of the film. His appearance only served to drum up attention for the
Spiderman films coming out soon, which is a shame because the character could have been given a better place in the plot.
As for the technical side of this Marvel film, it was better than ever. Henry Jackman’s soundtrack in 2014’s Winter Soldier was one of the best in the Marvel Universe, but Jackman topped it with this one.
Combined with the special effects, the music pulled me to the edge of my seat. It’s a true cinematic experience that you must experience yourself.
If I haven’t made enough of a case for you to go and see this film yet, I don’t know what will. Even if this is the first Marvel film you will go to, please do – it will get you hooked.
This movie was truly worth the wait and I am now getting excited for the next edition. The last thing I will say: Remember, a true Marvel fan always stays until the end of the credits.
Felicity Rodger is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.
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