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A true agent of change, Ali influenced youth long after leaving the boxing ring

HOUSTON, Texas, U.S.A. – Three days after the death of a legend we came to know as Muhammad Ali, I still keep liking the social media posts posted in his remembrance.
However, Ali’s impact on my life or my generation – people who are not boxing fans, obviously – is still confusing.
I’d be lying if I said that I watched his matches or even heard his speeches – and yet his life and his death have still left an impact on me.
There may be many like me, lost in confusion, thinking about him right now. Why? Because Muhammad Ali was the change we all are trying to bring to this world.
When our generation talks about bringing change, we think of ideas that can remake the world.
But Ali was that change himself. His whole existence was an epitome of change because he did not let the world set the rules for him. By believing in himself strongly enough to make his own rules, he became one of the most legendary men to set foot on this planet.
I’m not exaggerating.
Ali may have had his flaws. He was not a perfect human being. Still, his actions, words and resilience – always trying to stand up for what was right – united the world in mourning for this man.
Ali fought over issues that were and are still prevalent in the world. He took on matters we are still afraid to bring forward or speak aloud about.
At one point, he gave up his title as heavyweight champion of the world for something that he believed in. How many of us are willing to give up our name and everything materialistic that this world has to offer for a principle we embrace? I don’t think many of us are strong enough to do that.
Ali’s actions in his life gave all of us – the older and young generation, yes, but also future generations – the hope to sting like a bee but float like a butterfly.
The world will long remember him as an athlete, an activist, a Muslim, an African American and an inspiration for millions. He set an example for many.
Most importantly, he embodied the change we all are striving to become.
Rest in Peace, Muhammad Ali. Thank you for being an exemplary human being. 
Marium Abid is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.


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