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Celebrate International Women’s Day – stand for equal rights worldwide

Eya Labidi/YJI

BAHRAIN – Today, on International Women’s Day, let us pay tribute to all the women of the world.

International Women’s Day, formalized by the United Nations in 1977, is celebrated on March 8 in many countries worldwide as a special day for women.

March 8 is a day of action, awareness, and mobilization dedicated to the fight for women’s rights, equality, and justice. It is also an opportunity to highlight initiatives that place women at the heart of creation and their participation in social, political, and economic life.

All over the world, and no matter the diversity of women’s conditions, they have rights that we should defend.

International Women’s Day – and not “Women’s Day” as we too often hear it – is an opportunity to recall this constant, daily, and universal struggle.

Many events, initiatives, and demonstrations take place worldwide during this particular day, organized by movements and associations to celebrate victories and achievements in terms of women’s rights.

It’s a day to reflect, discuss, mobilize for equality between women and men, to take stock of what has been done and what remains to be done on the issue of women’s place in society. But also to make women’s demands heard and to improve their situation.

Unfortunately, even today, women do most of the housework and childcare.

In the professional world, women’s salaries are lower than men’s, and the tasks assigned to them are often less valued.

In many countries, girls are still denied the right to education or are married off as children before they can even complete their education. Also, they are the primary victims of violence.

Today we must stand up for the rights of women and girls.

Only a collective effort can bring change. Today is a day that invites us to celebrate women and girls’ achievements and speak out against all forms of discrimination and violence.

We must fight for their ability to exercise their rights and take advantage of opportunities and we must eliminate human rights violations.

Defending women’s rights radically changes the world and values in society.

For my part, I am proud to be a woman.

Every day I realize more and more what beautiful creatures women are. They are strong, reliable, and proud. And although they can easily cry, they are made to take on many challenges without batting an eyelid. Being a woman is a great adventure in itself.

I stand for equity and justice and am proud to fight every day to assert our rights and perhaps become an inspiration for future generations to build a better society.

To all the women in the world:  Surround yourself with people who will know how to encourage, support, and love you for who you are. Dare to dream, desire, give, take, set your limits and refuse without justifying yourself. Dare to shine brightly and show your true colors. Dare to choose and love yourself!

Let’s thank women for their hard work, involvement, sacrifices, and dedication. Let’s commit to promoting the ideals of justice, equality, and peace every day, making this a better world for everyone.

Eya Labidi is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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