Charlottesville will make America stronger

NEWINGTON, Connecticut, U.S.A. – In the wake of violent white supremacist demonstrations, it could be easy for America to drift into a divisive state not seen since the 1960s.

But I believe these ignorant demonstrators have played the wrong cards. They think their message will mobilize a new generation of white power. They think their message will deter minorities from being involved American citizens.
 They failed to understand the power of American unity. More Americans are now aware of the ignorance that still exists in their country, and they will not stand for it. Leaders across the political spectrum have already denounced these protests, poking a hole in the goals of the supremacists. 

Good Americans must denounce these people, but we cannot hate them. That brings us down to their level. The supremacists are obviously severely misguided and we must pray that somehow by the grace of God they can find their way.
We must serve as examples to our youth that hatred cannot stop hatred, it only makes things worse. Black, white, Hispanic and all Americans can fight these supremacists by loving each other, which most do. It is important to remember that supremacism of any race is unacceptable.

They call themselves “Unite the Right.” While they may be right-wing extremists, they do not represent Americans who consider themselves right of center, as I do.
Their way of thinking does not replicate Republican Americans’ version of compassionate conservatism.
While President Trump has put issues into the forefront that this group is talking about, he should not be blamed at all. His ideas on policy should not be taken as a call to violence. I don’t believe this is what the President wants.
The only people that are to be blamed are the racist themselves.
They have not taken the time to learn to love their neighbors. I do not personally know anyone who is outwardly racist and believe that these racists are an extremely small group of people. That doesn’t mean that they cannot be dealt with.
America will be stronger because of the wake up call from these people. We’ve come a long way as a nation, but we still have some problems.
Civil discourse and affection are the only things that can keep us on the right path.
As John Goodman’s character, Glen Walken, put it in The West Wing, “The things that unite us are far greater than the things that divide us.”
Max Turgeon is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.
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