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Children Sleep Outside In Nepal To Stay Safe From Earthquake Aftershocks

A field in the city of Pokhara, Nepal, where people have been spending the night. Expecting aftershocks or further damage from the major earthquake that rocked the region on Saturday, people didn’t sleep indoors. (Arjun Paudel/YJI)


Children who live at Our Children’s Home in Pokhara are joining others in sleeping outside rather than risk injury from buildings that could collapse in an aftershock of the earthquake. From left is Arjun Paudel, and next to him in the front row are Samikshya Mahora, Laxman Shai and Amrit Dhungana. In the back row center are brothers Sanjay and Ajay Lamichhina, flanked by brothers Pascal and Aidan Dahal, who live nearby. (Amrita Dhungana/YJI)

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  • Keep up the good work reporting news and staying safe – share all your knowledge on how to stay safe ! Thoughts are with you all 🙏