Opinion Terrorism The Tattoo

Coping with the trauma

SINGAPORE — Terrorists grab your neck and point the cold barrel of a rifle at your temple. You are trembling, your teeth chatter, you feel faint and scream….
Nightmares haunt you every night.
You wake up crying on the floor, your PJs soaked in sweat and reliving the tragedy on CNN.
America under attack has terrorized hearts and thoughts.
The victims include countless children waiting in vain for Mummy and Daddy, deprived of family forever.
Mourning the loss is natural. It’s human nature to be compassionate.
Give yourself time. Be patient with changes in your emotional state.
Attend the prayer sessions with friends and family. Honor the heroes who shed their blood in this cruel twist of fate.
Seek local support groups. Group discussion can help you realize that other individuals in the same circumstances often have similar reactions and emotions.
Confide to your friends, family and mature adults. Lift the heavy load off your shoulders.
Vent your anger by writing down your thoughts, feelings, fears and anxiety — anything on your mind.
Spend time with your family. Listen and be supportive.
Don’t be glued to live coverage on TV. Don’t get extra emotional baggage and become a “secondary victim.”
Go out and sit under a tree, by the lake or brook. Relax.
Be consistent. Keep the regular schedules (babysitting at 4 p.m., movie night on Saturday, etc.).
Climb to the top of a mountain and shout. Hear your echoed voice and be reminded of the beauty in the world.
Have a sense of control.
The sun still shines. Time still passes.
America still stands tall.
Love will prevail.

Kaishi Lee is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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