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Dear YJI: New Yorker Says ‘Sorry’

Just after Romensko tweeted the above, we got an email from the author of The New Yorker piece on Tyler Clementi:
Thank you for your letter to the New Yorker, which was just forwarded
to me. You’re right: it would have been better if I’d included
Cresonia Hsieh’s name and affiliation, and I’m sorry that I didn’t.
But I’d be sad if anyone detected disrespect in the phrase “an
acquaintance who memorialized Clementi online”. Of course, no
disrespect was intended. Cresonia Hsieh wrote a thoughtful, insightful
piece, and I was very glad to have read it.
With best wishes,
Ian Parker

YJI’s response to Ian Parker:

I will forward your response Cresonia. I’m sure your kind words here will help immeasurably.
Aside from our parochial concern about its undervaluing of Cresonia’s work, you wrote a fine, fair piece on a troubling subject.
Your answer to our complaint also helps educate the hundreds of young journalists we have around the world about how a reporter can gracefully apologize, even when, strictly speaking, he’s not wrong.
Thank you,
Steve Collins, YJI Board President