Don’t blink or you’ll miss a lot in The Tattoo

In our next issue, which is nearly ready to roll, you’ll have a chance to read Zach Brokenrope’s stunning chronicle about the unexpected death of a 16-year-old, small-town Nebraska boy. It’s gripping and sad, a nearly perfect piece about a perfectly awful event.
We’ll also have a story from Nikita Modi, our bureau in India, who tells everyone about the Hindu celebration of Diwali that ended Nov. 3. There’s also a news story about Hurricane Wilma by Eric Simmons that’s already been online for awhile, but hasn’t seen print until now.
But let’s not stop there.
Louisiana diarist Samantha Perez has several new entries that will be online in a matter of days. They’ll bring readers up to date … but make sure there’s some Kleenex nearby before taking a look at them.
We won’t tell what’s next after that, but it’s a multi-week package, a fun project that Tattoo writers have been working on for months.
This teen-written newspaper has so much going on that we can hardly contain our excitement at all the different strands we’re pursuing. We have every reason to think that The Tattoo is only going to keep on growing and getting better.
We were there at the dawn of the Internet age and we’re still on the cutting edge.

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