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Don’t look for cowboys in my Texas town of Spring

Collins Park in Spring, Texas. (Katrina Machetta/YJI)

Spring, Texas, U.S.A. – People in Spring would admit that the town is not known for its beautiful beaches or spectacular mountains. It has none of those things. You see, when most people think of Texas, they think of the classic cowboys and cowgirls and “Howdy, folks.” And in one aspect, one perspective, it is true.

But Spring is an entirely different story.

Spring is a suburban town about one hour from Houston, the energy capital of the world, and about a 30-minute drive to any neighboring town. With the new highway built last year, the Grand Parkway, the travel time is cut in half.

Certain sections of town are homogeneous, but my side of town is quite diverse. The schools are very diverse, comprised of almost every ethnicity in the world.

A sign promoting the Old Town Spring part of Spring, Texas. (Katrina Machetta/YJI)

My school, for instance, has an enrollment close to 4,000 students and the majority of them are Hispanic.

The population of Spring is over 60,000 people. The town has six public high schools with about 4,000 students each and one private high school.

Spring is very small compared to Houston. Every time I go to the grocery store or mall, I usually see someone I know and can always meet someone new.

Spring is a place where people live from the cradle to the grave. It is our happy place. It is a place where “‘you enter with a promise and exit with a purpose.”

Of course, sprinkled throughout Spring there are prairies with cows, horses, and barns. Although I am not a cowgirl, there are plenty of equestrian-related events.

One of our most treasured activities is Spring’s “Hoe-Down” as part of the annual Houston Rodeo.

Collins Park in Spring, Texas. (Katrina Machetta/YJI)

There is no “stereotypical Texan” in town because no matter what school they attend or what side of town they live in, each person brings something unique to Spring and makes it what it is today.

Spring has many parks and natural spots, including the Botanical Gardens and an array of creeks and ponds – which unfortunately became threatening bodies of water spilling into peoples’ homes during the infamous Hurricane Harvey.

A perk for being so far from the city is that there is hardly any traffic, and when you wake up, you hear birds chirping rather than cars honking.

Interestingly, some places are called “parks” in Spring, though they are actually shopping centers. Vintage Park is an upscale shopping center and social center full of fun and entertainment and one of many “tourist attractions” in my town.

Vintage Park shopping center in Spring. (Katrina Machetta/YJI)

Old Town Spring is also a place where many tourists go. It is a part of Spring that has preserved the culture, architecture, and history of Texas from over a century ago.

Railroad tracks separate “modern” Spring from Old Town Spring. The Old Town has everything that modern Spring has and more – historic buildings, restaurants, shops, and one of the town’s museums.

Vintage Park shopping plaza in Spring. (Katrina Machetta/YJI)

As part of the Bible-belt South, Spring has a vibrant faith tradition – from gorgeous churches to mosques. While the majority of residents are Christians, there are also communities of Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus.

With church bells ringing constantly, Sunday is the most vibrant day of the week, with kids and adults singing their hearts out in the church choirs. Church activities range from grandparents’ muffins, Knights of Columbus breakfasts, and Sunday school cinnamon rolls.  Spring has countless vacation Bible Schools for all ages.

There is always a new restaurant to try, a church to visit, and a new adventure awaiting every person who comes to Spring, Texas.

Katrina Machetta is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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