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In quarantine, even a ‘people person’ gets lonely

Streets in neighborhoods like this one in Lewiston, Maine, are emptier now. (Carlos Fra-Nero/YJI)

Lewiston, Maine, U.S.A. . – The coronavirus changed my life, and not for good.

I can’t go to school. Can you go to any restaurant? I can’t go into any public areas beside the park, and sometimes I don’t feel comfortable going there. If I see more than five people there, I just won’t go.

I am taking this pandemic very seriously. It put a lot of stress on me with all the schoolwork and worries about what’s happening around the world.

Right now there are some powerful world leaders and politicians making decisions about the coronavirus that I really don’t agree with.

And also, how I am a people person? I feel lonely most of the time.

I do talk with my friends and my family, but even with my family, we get stressed very easily with each other, especially at the end of the day because we’ve been working very hard. Once, the four of us were walking our dog and we got into an argument over the leash that I chose.

I get stressed when unexpected people like the mail carrier show up at the door to let us know that we had a package.

One of my ways of coping with this virus is not to think about it. I do some yoga meditation, something to get it off my mind so I can at least feel kind of relaxed.

So far in my family we’re healthy, which is great, but I am angry at the person who’s in charge of this country and his decisions about this virus.

I won’t go into detail about what I don’t like about him because I don’t want to offend anyone, but no matter what political party you are in, we have to have to put politics aside now.

As people of the world, we have to come down to one agreement that this coronavirus thing is real is not a joke. It’s not a virus made by one race of people and it’s not their fault if it came from their country.

 And it also wasn’t their fault because of what they believe in or what they look like or who they present themselves to be as human beings.

I like that people are choosing their favorite ways to help one another. And it is good when people who don’t feel well actually take the time to think about whether it is severe enough that they have to go to the hospital or if they can get better just by staying home and getting some rest.

It’s great how people are helping not just their own families, but others who can’t pay their bills because the virus made it so they can’t work. Some are contributing food, or just doing what they can to help people worldwide.

I know in the darkest times there was still a little bit of help, so we have to grasp on that hope as much as we can. We will get through this pandemic together.

Carlos Fra-Nero is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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