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Dual stars give punch to ‘The Recruit’

How many chances does a moviegoer get to see a legendary actor teamed up with an up-and-coming star? In the case of the new movie The Recruit, everyone now has that chance, as Oscar-winning actor Al Pacino teams up with the talented Colin Farrell in this spy action-thriller.
Farrell plays a young CIA operative in training with another young agent, Bridget Moynahan. Pacino plays the mentor of the CIA hopefuls and advises them that “nothing is as it seems.”
Oh how right he is!
The entire movie has as many twists and turns as some of the movie’s excellent car chases.
Farrell’s agent is told that Moynahan, who chips in with a convincing performance, is a mole. Farrell must decided whether it is she who is double-crossing him, or if it’s Pacino playing mind games.
The movie uses an old formula: a young, talented kid who needs a father is taken under the wing of an older, wiser man.
The movie uses this to push the plot along, as Farrell’s character learns to trust Pacino’s, resulting in an interesting plot.
Just as you think you’ve figured out who “the mole” is, you take a step back to regroup your thoughts.
Director Roger Donaldson does a tremendous job in making the resolution only seem clear within the movie’s final five minutes, making this a provocative and effective thriller.
No film would be complete without clever lines, and The Recruit is no exception.
Although the overall mood is rather serious and dramatic, screenwriters Mitch Glazer and Roger Towne threw in some humorous lines that really add for a nice touch. One scene that’s particularly funny is when Pacino spills coffee on himself.
One would think that Pacino, being the great actor he is, would take over and completely steal the show.
However, it is Farrell who once again shines in the company of another respected actor.
In last year’s Minority Report, Farrell took scenes away from the talented Tom Cruise, showing that he had star power to be reckoned with.
In The Recruit, Farrell does it once again, proving he certainly has what it takes to get the bigger roles.
The movie has been given rather fair reviews by most, and judging by its opening weekend spot as the number one movie in America , it’s clear that audiences agree — The Recruit is a clever, stunning film that features some of the best acting talent of yesterday, paired up with a promising young actor of today.

Kyle Pucciarello is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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