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Finding warmth, fun in ‘Nemo’

BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. — Sometimes the best stories can’t be found in movies that have violence, or high action scenes. In fact, sometimes they can be found right under your nose. In the ocean, of course.
“Finding Nemo” is a charming story about a courageous father in search of his son, Nemo. There are hilarious characters, and some famous voices.
The story of “Finding Nemo” has enough ups and downs to make you laugh — and almost cry — especially with such a heartfelt ending.
The artistic merits of this film are just as good. The computer animation looks so real you could swear an actual fish just swam past. Pixar does a wonderful job of making you feel like you are underwater the entire time.
It’s almost eerie how the scenes on land don’t feel quite right. When you plunge back into the water, it’s like you are returning home.
Ironically enough, this is something that Nemo is trying to do the entire movie.
Don’t let the rating fool you, either. Though “Finding Nemo” is rated G, all audiences will relish this masterpiece of a movie. There wasn’t one second during the entire film that I wasn’t enjoying myself. Moviegoers of any age will love this film, which even scared me in some parts. (Sitting in the front row when a shark pops up is never a good thing!)
Pixar does a great job of proving that you’re never too old for an animated classic, and “Finding Nemo” is nothing short of that.
From Pixar’s signature opening cartoon — this one happens to be “Knick Knacks,” a funny story about a snowman’s daring escape from a snow globe — to the satisfying ending, “Finding Nemo” is a great catch.

Kate Haire is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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